We are a leader in building the IT sector of your business. We provide a full range of business services that will speed up business processes within your company.
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When designing a software product, the customer must accept the fact that the application has to be modified after its release. Users will always want more functionality to make using the application even easier and more efficient.

If you think that hiring a qualified contractor is expensive, consider this: the more qualified your partner is, the faster they will be able to complete the project and create a reliable, accurate solution that is easy to maintain. This in turn saves not only money but also the most valuable resource - time. Our company's customers always win in the long run.
Automation of modern business is impossible without modern CRM and ERP systems. We use all available practices and tools including BPMN-teology, IDEF0 modelling methodology and other proven tools.
Our SaaS solutions will allow you to do away with anything superfluous and concentrate on your company's business processes.

Magenta Favorita software development's specialists will consult you and help you implement your projects with modern tools.
Business process cannot exist without description. All the activities described by our staff are logical and their sequence leads to the previously set goals.
The description of a business process is a rather creative job. Our business analysis allows us to smooth over sharp corners and create something new. Analysts stick to a strict framework: general rules, logical constraints and syntax.

All our projects are results-driven. Despite this, Magenta Favorita IT company tries to leave room for further development and improvement. Whatever the project, there is almost always something in it that can be improved either now or in the future.

We have a fine sense of when to stop in time, because large-scale projects are implemented by real people. Our experience allows us to understand the learning curve, realistic timelines and realistic investments. Based on many interrelated factors, you get the most constructive proposal, which will always meet your requirements and adjust to your capabilities.

You can count on the quality of the software you develop. Our code is easy to read, it is always self-explanatory, it can be extended with little effort and interoperability with other software is provided where necessary. The quality of our code is not compromised.
All software development projects, CRM/ERP system integration, processing, data integration and many others, regardless of their specificity and focus are always based on real user scenarios. We don't just pile on the system, we always put ourselves in the place of the end user. By predicting the best and fastest way to solve the problems that arise, optimal solution chains are created. This is the optimal way to relieve your employees and create a positive experience for your users, which always translates into more profit.

In addition to the standard resilience of our employees' code to "bad" data, we always pay special attention to the security of data usage and storage. Magenta Favorita Portugal specialists can develop a backup strategy in case of DDoS attacks on servers, protect users from cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery, man-in-the-middle attacks and simple social phishing.

If you are looking for a reliable partner who is able to fully implement the potential of your objectives, fill out the feedback form and get a consultation.
  • Custom software development
  • Development and integration of CRM, ERP systems
  • Data processing and integration
  • Software testing and quality assurance
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Web application development
  • Content Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Cloud Software Development Services
  • IoT development
  • Hardware & reprogramming
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Development
  • Technical Support
We value performance, the number of concurrent projects is limited!
Achieve your goals with Magenta Favorita software development. The quality work of our company turns into your quick result.
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