Services of Magenta Favorita software development

Our company provides a comprehensive approach to your business challenges. We form a project team with the involvement of highly qualified specialists in order to provide the maximum quality of the software product.
The Magenta Favorita company approach to the software development process, depending on the complexity of the project and business requirements, uses several basic models and is always solution-oriented. The software development methodology follows the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) method. All steps used in this method clearly define the stages of the software development life cycle and are quite simple.
Custom Software Development
Application software allows you to automate the interaction of the organization with customers. The automation path can also have an internal approach using an ERP system that provides continuous balancing and optimization of enterprise resources. The whole business is one complex system in which each small mechanism is connected and affects the next.
Development and integration of CRM, ERP systems
Our company provides comprehensive data integration. Regardless of source types and media format, you can rely on successful data consolidation and digitization in a unified form.

This service is especially relevant for large organizations. Start-up companies, despite the absence of such a request, should remember that integrating and correctly configuring it is much cheaper and more correct in the initial stages.
Data Processing and Integration
Tasks related to the research process, testing of the software product today is one of the most popular services. The main task is to reduce to one, main point: to check the correspondence of the real behavior of the program and its expected behavior on the final set of tests, which are carefully selected depending on the peculiarities of use and purpose. Magenta Favorita Unipessoal LDA employees will help you carry out all possible tests, regardless of the classification of their types and methods.
Software Testing and Quality Control
In fact, machine learning and AI are very closely related when they talk about their difference mean an assessment of their interaction.
Artificial intelligence is characterized by the ability of a computer system to mimic human cognitive functions. This allows machines to learn and solve problems on their own. Mathematics and logic can be used in modeling reasoning by artificial intelligence similar to human intelligence.
AI and machine learning
Web applications allow you to solve special problems due to the peculiarities of their implementation. The program or software can be opened using a browser familiar to everyone. When developing the web application interface, we use all available Javascript, CSS and HTML programming languages ​ ​ that are supported on any of the popular browsers (Chrome, edge, Opera and Mozilla). At the same time, any other language or framework, Ruby, Python, PhP or Java, can be used for Back-end programming.
Web Application Development
Content development is quite complex and creative work. The contribution of quality information to the promotion, description of the product or the development of instructions should be as informative, short and understandable as possible. Content can be expressed through any means, such as speech, letter, presentation, application, or website. Typical forms of content creation include support for and updating sites, blogs, writing articles, photo, video, online commentary, support for social media accounts, and media editing and distribution.
Content development
The development of mobile applications for tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and other mobile devices includes writing program code in order to create programs. The developed programs will only work on a specific mobile platform. We can offer mobile app development on two of the most popular platforms to date: Android and iOS and less popular, but not devoid of their advantages Windows Phone and Symbian.
Mobile Application Development
The WMS system is a software which allows the production organizations to optimize control and administration of all warehouse operations from the moment of receipt of goods or material on a warehouse until his movement. The successful control system of a warehouse automates and optimizes reception and placement of stocks, completing and shipment of orders and also replenishment of stocks.
WMS - Warehouse Management System
Transport management system is a tool which helps to study data on deliveries and to improve indicators. The system can obtain data on each vehicle in real time and analyze their efficiency, automate handwork, simplify order processing and not only.

In other words, it is the tool allowing to accelerate and order delivery, having saved at the same time finance and labor for the organization.
TMS - Transport management system
Modern cloud technologies are firmly in the leading position in the IT field and are actively used not only in work, but also in private life.
The use of cloud services allows you to store data, back up, use e-mail, office documents and all this happens without a significant burden on the current device. Cloud services simplify access to important files, and thanks to high-quality software, you should not worry about the integrity and security of data.
Cloud Software Services
Magenta Favorita IT company allows you to use the services of a comprehensive process organization to create and maintain marketing functions. Flexible approaches allow you to implement different strategies for the chosen method of promotion. Depending on our goals, our specialists will offer options for using marketing companies.
Marketing development