Cases of Magenta Favorita Company

Cloud solutions for corporate clients
We share a successful experience of providing a cloud solution service through the example of one of our clients. Magenta Favorita was approached by a large company with specific data security requirements, whose network system was organised outside the Internet. This approach requires constant financial investment in the IT infrastructure to keep it running.
Show moreIntegrating data to improve business performance
In today's world, where data plays a key role in business decisions, our collaboration was an important step towards optimising the client's business. In this case study, we will look at the stages of the collaboration with Caspeltrant, the results achieved and the benefits that the client received thanks to the data integration service. The company organises international freight transport.
A game designer is a creator of virtual worlds
An interesting case of collaboration with Baseflant. Baseflant is a start-up that develops software for navigation systems. The client is constantly striving to improve the accuracy and efficiency of geolocation, often refining existing solutions. They turned to Magenta Favorita to help them design and implement machine learning algorithms to improve their product.
Build a Progressive Web App
Magenta Favorita is a leading specialist software developer. We are pleased to present a case of cooperation with one of our major clients, whose name is kept secret. Working with this company demonstrates our ability to create innovative and high quality solutions for the market. As part of the project, the Magenta Favorita team designed and implemented a Progressive Web App (PWA) that delivered significant results for the client.

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a hybrid of a regular website and a mobile app. Any website can be turned into a PWA. It combines the features of most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile apps.
Implementation of TMS - Transport Management System for Stekpram Company
Stekpram is a large company specialising in the wholesale of household appliances. It serves a wide customer base and is faced with the task of efficient logistics management on a daily basis. The company's management analysed the weaknesses and decided to take immediate action by turning to Magenta Favorita.
WMS implementation for Lapertron
In the first phase, Magenta Favorita's management team met with Lapertron's management team to identify their main challenges and needs in the area of warehouse management. It was found that the customer lacked a system to effectively manage inventory and control the storage conditions of the goods. Due to the nature of the goods and the approvals required, every other customer became a regular customer. With such a specific nature of work, it is much more profitable to retain existing customers than to attract new ones. To this end, the company called in an external, independent specialist, Magenta Favorita Unipessoal.