RSE - Responsabilidade Social das Empresas

Each company that participates in the CSR begins to act in such a way as to improve society and the environment whenever possible. By abandoning various processes or modernizing them, more companies are doing their part in development, instead of negative contributions.

• CSR helps to improve various aspects of society, and also contributes to the creation of a positive image of companies.
• Corporate responsibility programs are also a great way to boost morale in the workplace.
• CSRs are often broken down into four categories: environmental impact, ethical responsibility, charitable work and financial responsibility.

In general, four main types of corporate social responsibility can be distinguished. The company can deal with any of them separately, and the lack of participation in one area does not necessarily exclude the social responsibility of the company.

Types of corporate social responsibility:
• Environmental responsibility
• Ethical responsibility
• Philanthropic responsibility
• Financial liability
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) of Magenta Favorita Unipessoal is primarily a self-regulating business model that allows the company to bear social responsibility to itself, stakeholders and society. By practicing corporate social responsibility, also called corporate citizenship, companies are increasingly becoming aware of the impact they have on various aspects of society. The main aspects include: economic, social and environmental.
Environmental responsibility is the basis of corporate social responsibility based on conservation. By optimizing operations and supporting associated causes, Magenta Favorita Unipessoal can ensure more efficient use of natural resources than before the start of its operations. Companies often seek environmental stewardship. It is possible to implement the strategy due to any of the following factors:

• Reduction of pollution, waste, consumption of natural resources and emissions in the production process.
• Recycling of goods and materials in all its processes, including promoting reuse practices with its customers.
• Offsetting negative impacts by replenishing natural resources or supporting causes that can help neutralize a company's impact.
• Deliberately distribute goods, choosing methods that have the least impact on emissions and pollution.
• Creating product lines that increase these values.
Ethical responsibility is the foundation of corporate social responsibility based on honest and ethical behavior. Our company has set its own standards, although external forces or customer requirements can form ethical goals. Examples of our ethical responsibility include:

• Treat all types of clients fairly, regardless of age, race, culture or sexual orientation.
• Positive attitude towards all employees, including favorable wages and benefits above the established minimums. This includes fair employment consideration for all people, regardless of personal differences.
• Timely and respectful disclosure of operational concerns to investors and customers. While absolutely not necessary, our company has decided to manage its relationships with external stakeholders beyond what is legally required.

Every year our planet suffers from pollution. Large volumes of plastic, inefficient use of natural resources, inefficient use of electricity. All this in the long term will affect our quality of life. Magenta Favorita company contributes to environmental care:
• We support waste sorting.
• All working documents are filled in on the sheets on the back to save paper.
• In the office, we use energy-saving diode lamps for lighting.

Why should the company implement CSR strategies?

Despite the obvious help to nature and the global good message, many companies also consider CSR as an integral part of their brand image. Companies believe customers are more likely to do business with brands they see as more ethical. In this sense, CSR activities can be an important component of corporate public relations. At the same time, some founders of companies are also motivated to engage in CSR due to their beliefs.
In any case, CSR carries a lot of positive meanings for all parties. By working together with every person on the planet, Magenta Favorita Portugal can change our future. Together, we can make nature cleaner and greener, business as trusting and transparent as possible, and the relationship between people is open and good-natured.