Implementation of TMS - Transport Management System for Stekpram Company

Stage Two - TMS Development and Customisation
Based on the collected data and business process analysis, a customised TMS - Transport Management System - was developed for Stekpram. It included modules for route planning, vehicle accounting, cargo tracking and document automation. As a bonus, Stekpram was able to optimise its warehouse management system. The existing department could not cope with the new workload. A new department was created to optimise the storage and loading of goods in the warehouse. The old system proved unsustainable when scaled up and the client was able to retrain existing staff. This saved money on hiring new staff.
Company description
Stekpram is a large company specialising in the wholesale of household appliances. It serves a wide customer base and is faced with the task of efficient logistics management on a daily basis. The company's management analysed the weaknesses and decided to take immediate action by turning to Magenta Favorita.

Stages of cooperation
Stage One - Needs Assessment
The Magenta Favorita team met with Stekpram management to identify key logistical challenges and needs. Drivers often drove off route, resulting in additional fuel costs. On arrival at the unloading point, there were situations where the vehicle would simply idle, waiting for the customer's warehouse to open. This was not an efficient use of resources and resulted in additional transport costs. The lack of a consistent system for receiving goods made it difficult to report and analyse the work done. All of this led to the answer that the customer lacked a system to effectively manage transport resources and track shipments.
Phase three - testing and implementation
Once the system was developed, testing phases took place. This included simulations of real logistics scenarios. After successful testing, the TMS was ready to be implemented in Stekpram's operations. Thanks to the preparatory stages and comprehensive, in-depth analyses and simulations, the implementation was quick and did not cause any additional problems.

Staff training
Magenta Favorita specialists trained Stekpram's staff on the new system, ensuring that they understood all the features and benefits of the TMS.

Support and maintenance
After implementation, Magenta Favorita continues to provide support and maintenance, ensuring the system runs smoothly and responding promptly to customer requests. The efforts of our teams have made all of Stekpram's new challenges achievable. We continue to work with them to this day and are always ready to meet their needs.
The results
Logistics efficiency improved by 39%.
With TMS, Stekpram was able to optimise delivery routes and use transport resources efficiently, resulting in shorter delivery times and lower costs.

Reduced logistics costs by 36%.
The use of a transport management system enabled Stekpram to reduce the cost of transporting goods by optimising routes and selecting the most efficient delivery methods. Thanks to integration with third-party services, the system takes into account traffic congestion and approved routes for trucks in real time. This not only optimises route planning, but also allows you to react quickly to changing circumstances.

Improved customer service.
By monitoring the delivery process more closely, Stekpram has been able to improve customer service levels and ensure on-time, high-quality deliveries. Documentation always matches the sealed goods, and delivery times are now aligned with the customer's schedule.

Increased profitability
By optimising logistics processes and reducing costs, Stekpram has been able to increase profitability and improve its financial position. According to the company's management, profits have increased by approximately 34% in the last six months compared to the previous comparable period, and this figure continues to rise. Working with Magenta Favorita to implement a TMS system has brought significant benefits to Stekpram, allowing the company to optimise logistics processes, reduce costs and improve customer service. Magenta Favorita remains a reliable partner in the development and implementation of IT solutions, ready to help Stekpram achieve new business heights.
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