Build a Progressive Web App

Customer needs research and analysis
The first stage of our partnership was to research and analyse our client's needs. We started with a comprehensive research of the company's needs, including market and competitor analysis. We defined the key requirements for the application and its functionality.

Design and development
After an in-depth analysis, Magenta Favorita specialists started the design and development process. On the basis of the data collected, we developed detailed terms of reference and moved on to prototyping. This stage involved the creation of a unique design optimised for mobile and desktop devices.
Magenta Favorita is a leading specialist software developer. We are pleased to present a case of cooperation with one of our major clients, whose name is kept secret. Working with this company demonstrates our ability to create innovative and high quality solutions for the market. As part of the project, the Magenta Favorita team designed and implemented a Progressive Web App (PWA) that delivered significant results for the client.

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a hybrid of a regular website and a mobile app. Any website can be turned into a PWA. It combines the features of most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile apps.
Deployment and Integration
Successful prototype testing enabled the application to be deployed on a server and integrated with the client's existing systems and databases. This included extensive compatibility and security testing. The client has extensive experience in its niche market. Over the years it had developed its own system solutions. An important detail was on-the-fly integration. In order not to disrupt the ongoing work, a copy was used and all integrations were implemented for a subset of employees only, so that in case of unforeseen circumstances, the work of the entire company would not stop. This stage took the longest time because it required special attention to detail. Fortunately, our specialists can do this.

Testing and optimisation
The local deployment in the previous phase helped to avoid a number of problems, and the accumulated solutions just needed to be transferred to scale. In the next step, Magenta Favorita's experts conducted extensive testing of the application to ensure its stability and performance. We also made optimisations to improve loading speed and the overall user experience.
Support and Updates
After launch, our developers continue to provide technical support and regular updates to the app to ensure it meets the latest modern market requirements and technology standards.

Achievements and results
Increased user base
Through improved user experience and accessibility across multiple devices, the client was able to significantly increase the number of users of their service.

Improved conversion and retention
The new PWA increased the time users spent in the application, improved conversion by 34% and ultimately led to a 20% increase in revenue for the company.

Time and resource savings
The PWA implementation reduced the burden on the IT infrastructure and lowered the cost of developing and maintaining the mobile app.

By working with Magenta Favorita, the client company was able to achieve significant results and improve its market position. We are proud of this project and look forward to new challenges and collaborations.
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