Cloud solutions for corporate clients

Planning and advice
The bigger the company, the harder it is to keep the wheel turning in the right direction. With the experience of implementing similar solutions in other large projects, Magenta Favorita's managers developed a tailor-made implementation plan, taking into account the company's needs and budget. Our consultations with management, key personnel and departments avoided many problems. We were able to provide insight and support for the project.
We share a successful experience of providing a cloud solution service through the example of one of our clients. Magenta Favorita was approached by a large company with specific data security requirements, whose network system was organised outside the Internet. This approach requires constant financial investment in the IT infrastructure to keep it running. The company had been in the market for many years and had successfully scaled up, but the technology they were using was outdated and not fit for purpose.

Our team immediately began a detailed needs analysis. Magenta's specialists started with the client's business processes and requirements. It turned out that the requirements had been wrongly formulated, and instead of the end result, we had to implement a certain concept of outdated technologies. After lengthy negotiations and redefining the tasks to achieve the result, we got down to work. A detailed analysis confirmed the correctness of our proposed solutions and allowed us to focus on the most useful cloud solutions.
After a thorough analysis of existing solutions, Magenta Favorita specialists focused on refining and adapting them to the client's needs. Thanks to the experience of our specialists, the technical side of the project implementation did not pose any problems. The implementation and deployment of cloud solutions, including customisation and integration with the company's current systems, became a routine task. By properly structuring the stages of the collaboration and relying solely on experience, we were able to ensure a quick and painless transition. Once implemented, the new system required minor tweaks to maximise performance and efficiency. Thanks to the support of Magenta Favorita's development team and their assistance at all stages of the collaboration, the client's employees experienced no inconvenience.

Support and development
Magenta Favorita provides ongoing support and updates to ensure stable system performance. We continue to develop cloud-based solutions to meet changing needs and technology requirements.
The results
Using cloud-based solutions, the client was able to significantly improve the productivity of its business processes. Reduced time to complete tasks improved employee efficiency. By implementing cloud solutions, the company saved on equipment and IT infrastructure maintenance. This significantly reduced the cost of technical support and software upgrades. Cloud solutions provided reliable protection of the client's corporate data, despite the client's initial concerns. Magenta Favorita developers provided encryption and authentication mechanisms to ensure the security and confidentiality of information. Cloud-based solutions provided flexibility and scalability for the company's business. This made it easy to adapt to changing market needs and expand quickly when required. We provided the ability to quickly access data and analytical tools to make informed decisions. Cloud solutions have enabled the company to improve customer interaction. The implementation of cloud-based solutions has helped to reduce the environmental impact by reducing the use of paper documentation and the energy consumption of the IT infrastructure.

Partnering with Magenta Favorita for cloud solutions has brought significant benefits to the client's business. Our team of experts has helped to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer interaction. We are proud of the results of our collaboration and continue to help the client reach new heights in their business development.
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