WMS implementation for Lapertron

Magenta Favorita specialists trained Lapertron staff on the new system, ensuring they understood all the features and benefits of the WMS. The company was able to retrain 23 employees as the new system completely replaced them, eliminating the possibility of errors due to the human factor. It is important to note that the client company decided not to lay people off, but to retrain them to work in other positions, as the company was facing a staff shortage. Only 4 people could not adapt to the changes and had to leave.

After the implementation, Magenta Favorita continues to provide support and maintenance, ensuring the smooth operation of the system and prompt response to the client's requests.
Lapertron is a company specialising in the transport of goods with special storage conditions. In order to optimise the management of their warehouse processes and ensure more efficient logistics, they asked us to help them set up a WMS (Warehouse Management System).

In the first phase, Magenta Favorita's management team met with Lapertron's management team to identify their main challenges and needs in the area of warehouse management. It was found that the customer lacked a system to effectively manage inventory and control the storage conditions of the goods. Due to the nature of the goods and the approvals required, every other customer became a regular customer. With such a specific nature of work, it is much more profitable to retain existing customers than to attract new ones. To this end, the company called in an external, independent specialist, Magenta Favorita Unipessoal.

Based on this analysis, a customised WMS was developed for Lapertron. The system included modules for inventory management, monitoring storage conditions, tracking inbound and outbound goods, optimising routes in the warehouse and automating warehouse operations. A cellular warehouse system with full AI monitoring was implemented. This was the first case for Magenta Favorita where AI was used for forecasting and control.

Once developed, the system went through stages of testing, including simulating real warehouse scenarios. We tested scenarios such as power failures, equipment failures, AI and data storage database failures. After successful testing, the WMS was implemented in Lapertron's operations.
Results achieved
Warehouse efficiency increased by 40%.
Thanks to the new WMS system, Lapertron has been able to optimise inventory management processes, speed up order processing and improve control of storage conditions.

Reduced the number of people needed to maintain the system and keep the department running.
The department was reduced by 10 people. The new positions were partially filled by training and retraining existing department staff.
Reduced storage costs by 35%.
The use of a warehouse management system enabled Lapertron to reduce warehousing costs by optimising warehouse processes and improving inventory management. Emergency planning helped to avoid the risk of unforeseen costs. Within a year of working with the new system, the customer reduced losses from such situations by 91%.

Shipment accuracy improved by 11%.
By implementing a WMS, Lapertron was able to improve the accuracy of shipments and reduce picking errors.

Better control of warehouse conditions: The WMS allows Lapertron to better monitor the storage conditions of goods, helping to prevent spoilage and reduce losses.

Working with Magenta Favorita to implement a WMS has brought significant benefits to Lapertron, allowing them to optimise warehouse processes, reduce costs and improve freight management. Magenta Favorita remains a reliable partner in the development and implementation of IT solutions, ready to help Lapertron reach new business heights.
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