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Analysis of existing data
We thoroughly analysed Caspeltrant's existing systems and data, identifying bottlenecks, data duplication and potential data integrity issues. Consolidating the data into one system opened up new opportunities and minimised the potential for outages and errors.

Developing a bespoke solution
Based on the data gathered and the client's requirements, the Magenta Favorita team developed a bespoke data integration solution tailored to their specific needs and business processes. The new system addressed all existing shortcomings, but required the initial integration of existing data.
In today's world, where data plays a key role in business decisions, our collaboration was an important step towards optimising the client's business. In this case study, we will look at the stages of the collaboration with Caspeltrant, the results achieved and the benefits that the client received thanks to the data integration service. The company organises international freight transport.

Stages of collaboration:
Study of the client's needs and objectives
In the first stage, Magenta Favorita specialists met with the company's management team to fully understand the business processes, challenges and objectives. This helped us to identify what data needed to be integrated and what problems needed to be solved. The company is growing rapidly in the market and outdated record keeping methods were hindering rapid growth.
Implementation and customisation
Magenta Favorita specialists implemented the data integration system and customised it to meet the client's requirements and expectations. This phase included testing, staff training and regular checks to ensure the system was working correctly.

Support and maintenance
Following the implementation of the system, our experts provided Caspeltrant with full technical support and maintenance to ensure the smooth running of the system and prompt resolution of any problems.
Achievements and results
All data sources used were integrated into a single system to create an ERP system. With a modern solution, the company was able to identify new growth opportunities. Based on the analysis obtained, the company's priorities shifted to working with larger customers, which brought quick results. Thanks to data integration, Caspeltrant has been able to sign favourable contracts with customers who previously refused to cooperate. The integration of data into a single system has significantly improved the efficiency of business processes. Data is now available quickly and easily to make informed decisions.

Increased efficiency and reduced costs have made the company more competitive in the marketplace. Data integration has improved customer service by providing a quick response to customer needs and requests. The results have enabled Caspeltrant to increase profits and achieve financial excellence.

Working with Magenta Favorita on data integration has been key to improving business processes and achieving new results for Caspeltrant. We are delighted that our solution has delivered such significant benefits and helped the company to become more efficient and competitive.
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