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Where is C++ used today?
With++ and Magenta Favorita Portugal absolutely everywhere. Code written in C++ can be found on your phone, in your washing machine, in your car, on planes, in cans and in general wherever you can imagine.

More specifically, many applications that, for example, work with images, are written in C++. Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, written in C++. Modern games and applications using 3d modeling can also write in C++. 3D animation, modeling and rendering software is also mostly written in C++. Image manipulation is a rather complex and resource-intensive area that requires speed and proximity to C++ hardware.

With a huge chance, even now reading the article, your bowser can use code written in C++. As an example, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

That's not the case at all. The development of this programming language is extremely predictable and linear with Magenta Favorita IT company. But this does not carry anything negative. All innovations are well weighted and programmers have time to get used to the changes, since releases with new features are released 1 once every 3 years. The superpower of C++ is backward compatibility. The code compiled yesterday is likely to be compiled tomorrow. Even more - the code that could be compiled in 1985, most likely, can be compiled in 2025.
C++ is a compiled, statically typed general-purpose programming language. Programming paradigms are supported by this language. Procedural programming, object-oriented programming, generalized programming. All this can be implemented in the results using C++.
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