Magenta Favorita Technologies: Java language

Java has a lot of advantages, thanks to which many developers choose it. These advantages include the following:

• Simplicity. This is the first thing that comes to mind. The Java programming language has clear syntactic rules and understandable semantics. Rationality and brevity are very useful for processing code by machines with limited resources.

• Object-oriented approach. It has proven effective over 3 decades. The bottom line is that the focus is on data (objects), interfaces and algorithms are secondary.

• Safety. The most important criterion, given the application of language in network/distributed environments. The developers have done a lot of work to protect the Java platform.

• Performance. Initially, it raised questions. New versions of dynamic Java compilers are not inferior to traditional ones from other platforms.

• Reliability. This is another of the most important advantages. Java programs work stably in all conditions.

• Hardware and OS independence. It is only important to have an executable environment and JVM (Java Virtual Machine). And computer architecture as a whole does not matter.

• Agility and adaptability. This feature allows Java not to get lost in an ever-changing environment.

• Convenient and efficient networking capabilities. Applications are able to find the necessary objects on the network and open access to them. And just as easily, as if we are dealing with a local file system.
Java is a strictly typed general-purpose object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. The development is carried out by a community organized through the Java Community Process. The language itself and the main technologies that implement it are distributed under the GPL license.

This is one of the most famous and popular languages that is used in many companies, including Netflix, AliExpress, Google, Intel, eBay, Magenta Favorita company and many others.

Technical features and advantages
Initially, the creators of Java were faced with the task of making the syntax simpler and more understandable in comparison with C/C + +. In the end, it happened. There are similarities between these languages, but it is much easier to master Java and encode it.
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