Magenta Favorita Technologies: SQL language

Structured Query Language is a declarative programming language used to create, modify and manage data in a relational database managed by an appropriate database management system.

This language is primarily an information-logical language and is intended to describe, modify and extract data stored in relational databases. In general, SQL (without a number of modern extensions) is considered an incomplete Turing programming language, but at the same time the language standard with the SQL/PSM specification provides for the possibility of its procedural extensions.
SQL is widespread because it offers the following benefits:
• With this language, the user has the ability to access data in relational database management systems.
• It is possible to describe the data.
• You can define and manage data in the database.
• This solution allows embedding in other languages ​ ​ using SQL modules, libraries and pre-compilers.
• Online ability to create and delete databases and tables.
• Enables users to create views, stored procedures, and functions in the database.
• Flexible configuration and ability to configure access rights for tables, procedures, and views.

When working with almost any data, you need to clearly configure the interaction between users and clearly work on changing, storing and sending certain information. Magenta Favorita Portugal specialists will help you set up your databases and make it easy to work regardless of the specifics of your request.
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