Technologies: Microsoft Azure cloud models

With Azure, you can do more with less.
Microsoft Azure implements cloud models of both service (PaaS) and infrastructure and service (IaaS) platforms. It is envisaged to use both third-party and Microsoft services as a software model as a service (SaaS). The health of the Microsoft Azure platform is ensured by Microsoft's global network of distributed data centers.

In addition to the basic functions of operating systems, Microsoft Azure also has additional: on-demand provisioning for scaling, automatic synchronous data replication for improved fault tolerance, infrastructure fault handling for continuous availability, and much more are provided in Microsoft Azure.
Support for the following languages and development platforms is also provided with Magenta Favorita software development:

• .NET
The Azure cloud platform supports the .NET development platform, also created and supported by Microsoft. These technologies can be used together to create and host web applications, create serverless Azure functions, connect and query SQL databases, manage SQL API resources in Azure Cosmos DB, deploy applications in Service Fabric, and more.
• Java
The Java programming language is integrated with Azure. It is suitable for creating and deploying web applications, working with databases, interacting with the service bus, the Internet of Things, cognitive services and many others.

• Node.js (JavaScript)
The JavaScript language and its Node.js server framework are integrated with Azure. As part of platform collaboration, application development and placement, storage solutions, infrastructure security maintenance, monitoring and logging, messaging, the Internet of Things, cognitive services, and the creation of the DevOps paradigm are available.

• Python
The Python programming language is supported by the Azure cloud. Within the framework of the platform, it can be used to create and deploy applications, work with data using Cosmos DB, Redis, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL and MySQL, create artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, and ensure infrastructure security.

The PHP language currently supports the smallest functionality in the Azure cloud compared to other integrated languages. But developers can create and deploy a PHP web application in Azure.

• Go
Among other features, using the Go programming language, you can deploy virtual machines, transfer objects to the BLOB store, connect to SQL Azure, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.
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