Development and integration of CRM, ERP systems

Application software allows you to automate the interaction of the organization with customers. The automation path can also have an internal approach using an ERP system that provides continuous balancing and optimization of enterprise resources. The whole business is one complex system in which each small mechanism is connected and affects the next. Some links are simple enough to replace or change, but this should be done extremely carefully so as not to break the entire mechanism. Increasing sales, reducing costs, speeding up processes by optimizing and changing them, increasing turnover, leveling off non-seasonal periods and many other benefits seem attractive and each is more important than the previous one.

Magenta Favorita software development will help you analyze your business processes and select the most effective levers for improvement. It is quite difficult to understand all aspects, therefore there are specialists in this direction. Our employees constantly implement various projects and each is a unique experience. Based on the qualifications of a proven specialist, you make the automation process as fast and painless as possible. Individually selected solutions allow you to react in advance to emerging situations, avoiding a critical level. Controlling sales, employee performance, margins, internal resources and more can be your new reality in the shortest possible time.
Specialists of Magenta Favorita IT company will help you prioritize and select the necessary levers, properly connecting them to each other. All this is complemented by integration, training and support for the development of innovations within the organization and the implementation of the set goals.
It is very important for us to establish mutual understanding with our customers and become one team. By providing our experience and sharing knowledge, we work in a team with each of our employees and customers. Complex projects are our strong point. We are not afraid of difficulties and despite the scale, we are ready to undertake and successfully implement each project.
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