Web Application Development

Web applications allow you to solve special problems due to the peculiarities of their implementation. The program or software can be opened using a browser familiar to everyone. When developing the web application interface, Magenta Favorita IT company uses all available Javascript, CSS and HTML programming languages ​that are supported on any of the popular browsers (Chrome, edge, Opera and Mozilla). At the same time, any other language or framework, Ruby, Python, PhP or Java, can be used for Back-end programming.

Benefits of Web Application Development

• Cross-platform. Developed applications can be used on any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux)
• Due to the use of the same code, such applications are much easier to support after release compared to desktop.
• This type of development has proven itself well in total cost. Web applications do not require any license purchases or subscriptions and can be used as a SaaS service, which is much cheaper.
• Unlike mobile apps, you don't need to get approval from platforms to release your release.
Do not confuse web applications with sites. The two concepts have completely different development functions and components.

Magenta Favorita Unipessoal provides services for the development and support of all kinds of web applications:

• MPA (Multi Page Application) - traditional multi-page web applications. The user interacts with the site and, depending on its choice, new HTTP pages are downloaded. Because of this, data exchange is slower than in SPA. Such problems increase with a non-stable Internet connection or due to problems with website hosting.
• SPA (Single Page Application) is a single-page interactive application. It is understood that the application is not only on the same page, but also very similar to a full-fledged program and is interactive. It is worth noting again that this is not a one-page site in the likeness of a landing page, since, in essence, such pages are not SPA. A good example of a one-page program is Gmail. If you once paid attention, when switching between messages, the page address does not change. Our developers use SPA to create JavaScript, jQuery libraries and Vue, React or Angular frameworks.
• PWAs are progressive web applications. In terms of their functions and capabilities, such applications are close to native (developed for use on a certain platform or on a certain device) mobile and computer applications. PWAs contain a proxy layer (Service Worker) and a Web App manifest. The browser here is a virtual machine for launching a web application. This is similar to running a Windows operating system using an exe file. Service Worker is a proxy layer between the server and client. There are two frontends of the layer that interact with each other. In the first, the interface is written, and in the second, the logic.
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