Mobile Application Development

The development of mobile applications for tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and other mobile devices includes writing program code in order to create programs. The developed programs will only work on a specific mobile platform. Magenta Favorita software development can offer mobile app development on two of the most popular platforms to date: Android and iOS and less popular, but not devoid of their advantages Windows Phone and Symbian.

How relevant is the development of mobile applications?
Smartphones and other mobile devices have become our sequels. It is difficult to imagine a modern person who does not use a phone or some kind of mobile gadget. Modern devices help not only communicate and correspond, they have also become our window into the world of online shopping. Gadgets allow us to order taxis, remember important events, order our own food, buy tickets and book accommodation. All this is just a small list of additional amenities that the user receives. According to statistics published in Datareportal, 67% of adults worldwide use smartphones daily, which is almost 5.19 billion people (with a total population of 7.75 billion).
The trend towards the transition from simple mobile devices to multifunctional smartphones is only increasing every year.

Starting your partnership with Magenta Favorita IT company, you will discover new opportunities and realize long-standing plans. Our specialists are ready to take on a project of any complexity. Ready-made solutions for typed tasks allow us to offer our customers competitive prices. The experience gained also helps reduce the time spent developing and optimizing applications. Absolutely everything to make a quality product and make our customers satisfied.
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