WMS - Warehouse Management System

The WMS system is a software which allows the production organizations to optimize control and administration of all warehouse operations from the moment of receipt of goods or material on a warehouse until his movement. The successful control system of a warehouse automates and optimizes reception and placement of stocks, completing and shipment of orders and also replenishment of stocks.

What you receive
01 Fast search of goods and reduction of mistakes at shipment
As all goods and their location are brought in base, you always know as where it is necessary to look for. Thus you considerably reduce time for search of the necessary goods in a warehouse and also you can make sure that exactly also only what is necessary is shipped.
02 Saving of time and money for inventories
Sheets with the addresses of goods are prepared by the program so this process takes place much quicker. During inventory the shipment and acceptance of goods stop therefore having reduced its duration you increase efficiency of the business.

03 Effective use of the area of a warehouse
The person can not always think over as it is correct to sort and place goods to use space to the maximum. WMS will help to consider storage conditions, groups of goods, inventory and human resources to develop the scheme of an apportion of goods which will provide maximum efficiency.

04 The relevant remains on a warehouse — it is evident
All account of goods is kept in a control system of a warehouse, so the quantity of goods available miscalculates automatically. Having these data in continuous and fast access, you always know that you need to fill up stocks, or on the contrary that you shouldn't stock up with goods which remained much.

Features of WMS
Each system is a tool for the solution of certain tasks. Also they differ in what processes automate what tasks are carried out and what problems solve. Introduction of a WMS system on a warehouse will allow you to organize work so that to get the maximum advantages, at the same time all working processes are affected.

Acceptance and accounting of goods: helps to organize unloading of goods on dock which is the closest to the storage area, and instant entering of all goods into base.

Storage process optimization: helps to consider and trace necessary conditions for storage of any given goods and also provides the convenient card of location.

Magenta Favorita Unipessoal LDA personnel management: helps warehouse managers to control productivity of workers by means of key indicators (KPI) who help to understand if someone works above or below standards.

Document flow: helps to order all documentation, provides access to her in one place at any time, and guarantees the accuracy and safety of all data.
Complete set and shipment: facilitates collecting necessary goods, their packing and loading, drivers always know what dock to approach.
Customer service: provides smooth and uninterrupted communication with the client, fast and faultless service that leads to increase in satisfaction of your clients.

Management of a warehouse: organize working processes and logic as it will be most convenient and productive for your company.
Reporting: helps to analyze the performance of warehouse processes and to define the moments demanding improvements.
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