Custom Software Development

The Magenta Favorita IT company's approach to the software development process, depending on the complexity of the project and business requirements, uses several basic models and is always solution-oriented. The software development methodology follows the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) method. All steps used in this method clearly define the stages of the software development life cycle and are quite simple.

Code quality
The code in our programs is easy to read, always understandable, the program can be expanded without much difficulty. If necessary, it is possible to interact with other software. Magenta Favorita company specialists pay special attention to all additional nuances, preventing code quality from becoming a victim of compromises.

The developed software takes into account the interaction of the computer with the user (UX). An example is an email input field that is case-insensitive and automatically removes leading or trailing spaces. If there is a need to redirect the user (for example, an authorization window through an account of another platform or social network), the program will remember the original item and return it there after performing the necessary actions.

Reliability, Safety and Security
This is the most important aspect that distinguishes our professional developers from amateur programmers. Our employees know that they are responsible for creating secure, secure solutions and always focus on security. Software components are resistant to "bad" data, incorrect states and incorrect interaction. Depending on the projects and their security requirements, an additional protection strategy can be developed in the event of DDoS attacks on servers, protect users from cross-site scripts and counterfeiting cross-site requests, attacks like "attacker in the middle," social phishing and other risks including internal data breaches.
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