TMS - Transport management system

Transport management system is a tool which helps to study data on deliveries and to improve indicators. The system can obtain data on each vehicle in real time and analyze their efficiency, automate handwork, simplify order processing and not only.
In other words, it is the tool allowing to accelerate and order delivery, having saved at the same time finance and labor for the organization.

The main reason for excessive expenses - bad planning. The TMS system can automate processes of shipment and reduce expenses of time and human resources. At the same time all orders will be considered, and - it is easy for dispatchers to treat them thanks to sorting according to the destination, cargo type, delivery periods and other parameters.
Optimization of routes will help to increase efficiency of operation of vehicle fleet, to reduce the excessive distance in kilometers and wear of vehicles. Such approach will allow to deliver orders quicker and will provide a possibility of implementation of several orders for one flight.

Keep in contact both with drivers, and with customers throughout all process of cargo transportation. You will always be aware of all events, managers will be able to help drivers in case of unforeseen situations, and clients - to monitor the movement of the cargo online.

Pricing is influenced by many factors: cost and fuel consumption, driver rates, vehicle maintenance. The implementation of TMS will help to automatically take into account all variables and instantly provides accurate calculations of the cost and schedule of deliveries.

Any company that deals with delivery and transportation will benefit from the transport logistics system. If there is a need for regular circulation of goods, then it does not matter in what area you work and your business is focused on. No matter if this is wholesale or retail, business automation will suit any format and take you to the next level. The main thing is to choose the right tool. Magenta Favorita IT company helps to develop and implement such system.
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