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Modern cloud technologies are firmly in the leading position in the IT field and are actively used not only in work, but also in private life.
The use of cloud services allows you to store data, back up, use e-mail, office documents and all this happens without a significant burden on the current device. Cloud services simplify access to important files, and thanks to high-quality software, you should not worry about the integrity and security of data. Fast access to all data, high-quality redundancy and protection will be part of your productive work thanks to Magenta Favorita software development specialists.

Cloud software includes any software that runs or is delivered from a remote web server. The web server can be used either on a subscription basis, or independently deploy a full-fledged server for yourself, which makes your product more autonomous and flexible.
Using the cloud (server), users can log in and access the use of the software.
When you use properly configured cloud software using third-party services, you also get a number of benefits. One of the most obvious is that the server is managed by the supplier, end users receive only the latest, most secure and reliable version of the software. With this option of storing cloud software, you save money on deploying your server, which also reduces the time to complete the project.

Magenta Favorita Portugal specialists, regardless of the option you choose, are ready to choose the best option and develop cloud software for it in order to create a high-quality product in the shortest possible time.
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