Software Testing and Quality Control

Tasks related to the research process, testing of the software product today is one of the most popular services. The main task is to reduce to one, main point: to check the correspondence of the real behavior of the program and its expected behavior on the final set of tests, which are carefully selected depending on the peculiarities of use and purpose. Magenta Favorita Unipessoal LDA employees will help you carry out all possible tests, regardless of the classification of their types and methods:

• Performance testing
• Functional testing
• Configuration testing
• Compatibility testing
• Localization testing
• Usability testing
• All types of internal system testing
• Testing by Test Readiness
• Isolation time and automation testing

Qualitative analysis of the program code allows you to detect all possible shortcomings and errors in order to provide for the likelihood of their occurrence in the running software.
There are both consistent and iterative life cycle models. Incremental models (or iterative models) do not imply the full scope of requirements to begin work on the product. All requirements may be supplemented or changed during the work. If simplified for understanding, there are 4 main stages that are unchanged and will be constantly repeated in each of the iterations (plan-do-check-act).

• Plan by defining and analyzing requirements.
• Design and planning - based on requirements.
• Testing and development.
• Assessment and revision of current requirements. Suggestions of possible additions to them.

The results of each iteration allow you to make operational decisions whether to use the result of a given iteration to add existing functionality or adjust it as a starting line, to start the next iteration. Incremental prototyping allows you to reach the mark at which all current requirements are implemented in the final product and ultimately the long-awaited release takes place.

Depending on the needs of each project, Magenta Favorita software development uses all existing models:
• Spiral model
• Iterative model
• Waterfall model
• V-model

Despite the popularity of this service, it is by no means simple and requires certain qualifications. Turning to Magenta Favorita IT company, you relieve yourself of the problems of the next layer of tasks and get a high-level result.
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