AI and machine learning

In fact, machine learning and AI are very closely related when they talk about their difference mean an assessment of their interaction.
Artificial intelligence is characterized by the ability of a computer system to mimic human cognitive functions. This allows machines to learn and solve problems on their own. Mathematics and logic can be used in modeling reasoning by artificial intelligence similar to human intelligence.

How different are these concepts?
Despite the strong similarities and close ties, these are still slightly different concepts. AI is considered a set, and machine learning is a subset of it.

Machine learning
Magenta Favorita Portugal specialists select adaptive mathematical data models for teaching a computer without direct instructions. Machine learning is the application of AI. Like the experience of a living person, the right instructions for AI allow you to independently develop further based on your experience.
The connection between AI and machine learning
AI is used by a computer for processes similar to human thinking in order to be able to independently solve emerging problems. At the same time, machine learning is a way to develop the "intelligence" of a computer system.

Magenta Favorita uses neural networks as one of the methods of machine learning. Such a mathematical model, as well as its software or hardware embodiment, allows machine learning of its system on the principle of organization and functioning of biological neural networks - similar to networks of nerve cells of a living organism.
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