Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence

As an example, we can consider Clip Drop - the program allows people to digitize objects from a real environment to 3D in a few minutes to work in computer programs. You can use a similar scan to import into metaseles. Large companies with such a development will be able to improve, simplify the process of offering goods to the target audience through a virtual trial.
The next example of the trend is the automatic design in the SketchAR application, showing an excellent combination of AR and AI applications. Through it, it is easy to draw in AR, but users can also use AI to draw. It is convenient to work when designing objects in 3D, where the source environment is the real world. In 2023, subject to the full adoption of the technology, AI will be able to design certain objects, create structures that will be used in the real environment.

Cross-platform augmented reality with Magenta Favorita software development
Cross-platform programs are the main problem of developers who deal with augmented reality. Such applications cannot yet be as good as native ones, but are of high quality if you carefully approach the development issue.
Cross-platform AR is easier to encode, which could be the main accelerator of market entry. At the same time, performance can suffer. Cross-platform is suitable if the program itself does not require high performance and the application is simpler than native in functionality.

In the online store, 90% of all tasks are platform-independent, so you don't need maximum performance. Selection of the AR crossplatform is acceptable if the product preview module in AR is simple. In AR navigation or 3D scanning, it is better to give preference to native applications.
A similar symbiosis is already working and there are 2 methods when AI interacts perfectly with augmented reality:
Support for software to identify the faces and space needed for augmented reality to function.
AR and AI are capable of working together to provide people with innovative solutions.

With artificial intelligence, AR's performance is getting better. Both technologies are different, but combine perfectly due to the need for augmented reality. Algorithms are essential to understanding all sensors, and AI makes functioning as easy as possible, making work more accurate than human-only models.
Augmented Reality Glasses
Such a product could be a breakthrough in 2023. The latest device is a Meta mixed reality headset called Cambria. The headset, unfortunately, is aimed at wealthy people, not the masses, but development can be a big step and breakthrough in this direction.

In addition to AR glasses, there are more technologically advanced devices that promise to be in the best trends for 2023. In the early summer of 2022, Mojo Vision Labs showed their development - smart contact lenses with augmented reality. They integrate with the user interface, providing common work, use user gaze tracking, communication and special software in their work.

The following are installed in the lenses:
• accelerometer;
• gyroscope;
• magnetometer.

Elements with the correct settings control eye movements, this allows you to keep the AR picture motionless during eye movements.
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