AutoML: Automating the routine

AutoML: new project, new challenge
Magenta Favorita IT company develops machine learning models that predict the demand for certain products according to various factors such as season, marketing events, promotions, prices. In the initial phase, but already after the signing of the TOR, the data provided by the client are analyzed, their quality and reliability are assessed for further processing using AutoML tools.

Continuous training of models
Regular updating and training of models is an important part of AutoML development. Working with different customer projects helps to collect valuable data that can be used to improve AutoML models. By analyzing the results and providing feedback, you can identify weaknesses in the models and make appropriate improvements.

Magenta Favorita company's data specialists constantly monitor information and collect data on the development of new AutoML, analyze the results and select the most promising models. They perform in-depth analysis of the selected models, evaluate performance, interpret results, and perform validation. If necessary, the experts can make adjustments to the selected models to achieve optimal results.
Machine learning (ML) is a promising area of artificial intelligence. The ML market is expected to reach $39.98 billion by 2025. Developing and customizing ML models requires a lot of effort, expertise, and experience. Automate the work with ML models with AutoML.

AutoML (Automated Machine Learning) is a set of tools that simplifies and accelerates the development and deployment of ML models. It allows you to automatically select optimal algorithms, tune model parameters, and optimize model performance. Automation tools can self-generate common features based on available data. AutoML finds dependencies and patterns that humans cannot.

ML Ideal and Practice
Ideally, AutoML should provide full automation of all the processes involved in working with ML. In practice, however, it is impossible to automate everything. Therefore, AutoML solutions are primarily used to automate routine tasks to simplify the process of ML model development. Traditionally, model development requires developers to perform extensive experimentation with different algorithms and hyperparameter tuning to achieve optimal performance. AutoML automatically selects the most appropriate algorithms and optimizes parameters based on the data, saving time and simplifying the development process.
Platforms and Systems
AutoML is a fairly flexible tool that can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. When working on projects, it is important to consider AutoML's ability to integrate with different systems and platforms.

Once AutoML is completed and the best model is selected, Magenta Favorita Portugal Data Engineer deploys it in the client's working environment. The model is integrated into the appropriate system or application, customized to capture new data, and tested to ensure it works properly.

A versatile tool?
AutoML accelerates the model development process, saving time and resources. But it is important to understand that it is not a one-size-fits-all tool, and the IT company develops customized solutions for each customer. In one case study, Magenta Favorita used AutoML to optimize its marketing campaign based on big data analytics to predict user reactions and customer behavior. And in a case where the client was a medical center, the company's specialists used AutoML tools to diagnose diseases and predict the effectiveness of treatment.
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