Metaverse and modern realities

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Augmented reality is part of the metaverse. The digital world has gained a lot of popularity over the past year after Facebook's rebranding of "Meta." However, this is only the tip of the iceberg and it's not just about marketing. Such a development aims to break down the barriers between the real (physical) world and the digital one. Due to the ability to display virtual objects through augmented reality, wide opportunities for the consumer and business appear in the real world.

AR is a good start for anyone planning to take the digital experience to the real world. By applying body tracking, faces, improved definition of scene depth, various corporations create filters for cameras to achieve the desired effect. Geenee AR and Ready Player Me work together with a single goal. Metaverse uses avatars that map real people. By including the character in Geenee WebAR Builder, the user can add an avatar to the camera. The software also takes into account accessories, small character details in the form of NFT.
With the help of modern technology, the fiction that we see on TV screens and read in books begins to turn into reality. AR is one of the representatives of innovation. Holograms have started to surround people in the real world, providing a new experience, now it's not just fun. Augmented reality is a great tool for business development.

In many areas of activity (trade, business, games, health care, military affairs, etc.), augmented reality is used to solve comprehensive problems. In the article, we will analyze the trends of the technological breakthrough and web technologies that need to be monitored today and with a high degree of probability they will be adopted in 2023.
The development itself is not new, but the innovation is that through the program, people can transfer their characters used on other platforms to the application for further application in AR. In the future, this will improve virtual meetings and other events. For example, a person uses a VR headset to get to a meeting, and another participant does not use such a tool, then the avatar will be able to replace the real person at the meeting.
To achieve mass approval, it is important to get economical and powerful augmented reality headsets, with overall availability. This barrier today is No. 1 for entering the market.

Spatial sound will help enhance immersion in AR. Metaverse developers want to introduce all 5 human feelings into the digital world, including hearing. VR and AR will capture even more, but you need to get 3D sound so that users determine where the sound comes from in three-dimensional space, given their own position

The achievement of sound effects can be carried out through mixing several sounds. The result is multisensory effects that allow you to use vision, sounds for deep immersion in the experience of a new reality.

The next possibility of the metaverse is the transfer of digital objects and products to the real environment. Fans of digital worlds like to work with objects from the real world in metaverse and vice versa. All this is possible through AR. Such an achievement can open up collectors and other users the possibility of accessing NFTs, exchanging them outside wallets. Such a decision will quickly gain popularity and will be an unequivocal trend in 2023.
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