How can a website be made mobile-friendly?

Why is it important to make a website mobile-friendly?
Owners of web resources should understand that a website that is not optimised for mobile devices will lose visitors along with search engine rankings. Today, more than 70% of resources are attracted to the mobile-first index.

Responsive design
One of the most effective ways to make a website mobile-friendly is to make it responsive design. Magenta Favorita Portugal creates websites that automatically adapt to gadgets and devices.

Mobile optimization
An important parameter of any website is its loading speed. In order to make your mobile website fast and smoothly load on mobile devices, Magenta Favorita experts: reduce image sizes and compress large files, simplify navigation and optimize search tools.
In recent years, Google has been consistently moving towards mobile-first indexing of websites, favouring sites that have been created specifically for mobile devices.

Is your website mobile-optimized?
Mobile-friendliness is a proven ranking factor for Google. Googlebot only scans the mobile version of a web resource for indexing. If your business website is outdated and poorly adapted for mobile devices, it's time to seriously consider updating it. If your business is directly dependent on your website's performance, and we're sure it is, you're unlikely to outperform your competitors in search engines and Google rankings without a good mobile version. Magenta Favorita Unipessoal LDA develops and updates mobile versions of client websites and performs their search engine optimization.

What is mobile optimization?
Mobile search engine optimization is aimed at making the website easy to use on mobile devices, regardless of the operating system, screen size or resolution, and regardless of how fast the Internet connection is.
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
Another way to make your website mobile-friendly is to use Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). PWAs are a particular technology in web development. A website is transformed into an application and can be operated offline. Magenta Favorita IT company builds simple and easy-to-use PWA solutions that make customers' websites run smoothly on mobile devices.

Testing and monitoring
How do you know your mobile website is running smoothly? The simplest way is to open it on all available gadgets and different mobile devices. But this kind of cursory testing may not be enough. The Magenta Favorita team makes sure to monitor all performance metrics, including page load speed and overall usability.

How can I check whether your website is optimised for mobile devices?
You can check whether your website is optimised for mobile devices yourself using Google Search Console in the Mobile Friendliness tab. Google's Mobile-Friendly Test checks page optimisation, and Google PageSpeed Insights checks page load speed.

How can you optimise website load times?
The loading speed of a website on mobile devices is a very important parameter for its SEO-promotion and search engine ranking. An optimised website ranks better in Google's search engine. To do this:
- check the server response time
- use HTML5 instead of Flash
- reduce the number of plugins
- optimize images for mobile devices
- enable web caching
- enable CDN content delivery
- Validate HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.
- use as few redirects as possible
- run the Google scanner (robots.txt file)
- work on UI and UX of the mobile website
- apply Mind Viewport meta tags
- take into account mobile device ergonomics
- improve readability and navigation
- implement call to action (CTA) buttons and social button widgets
- disable or minimize intrusive pop-ups.
- implement Schema markup.

So, if your site is slow and the mobile version is less user-friendly than the PC version, don't expect good results in search engine rankings. Using responsive design, mobile optimization, PWAs as well as testing and monitoring, Magenta Favorita company builds mobile versions of client websites and improves and optimizes the existing ones. To avoid unpleasant surprises, our webmasters check the mobile performance of all the updated resources.
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